Specialist Support for Service and ex-Service Families


What is the purpose of PI?

To create a network of Health and Social Care Professionals who can offer support on a sessional basis and work together to establish a consistent level of support throughout the United Kingdom for the families of service and ex-service personnel.

The ultimate long-term goal is to attract sufficient funding to establish a national interdisciplinary specialist service for service and ex-service families, which is free at the point of need.

In the first instance membership will be open to HCPC members, which includes Social Workers, Art Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Psychologists. who are professionally registered, insured and have a current Disclosure and Barring Service certificate in place.

Who are the main beneficiaries of PI?

Although PI’s ultimate aim is to offer a comprehensive range of health and care support to individuals and families within the Service and ex Service community, PI will also be offering peer support, training and other benefits to it’s AHP membership

Who else will benefit from PI?

During consultation and research a large number of organisations and charities have stated how PI could either work in partnership with them or provide aspects of welfare provision they do not have. These include, military charities, Police, Fire, Ambulance Service, GP’s, Local Authorities and more.

How do I know whom to contact?

If you know what kind of assistance you require, then contact the relevant local professional for that discipline, i.e. physiotherapist. If you have a number of needs and are unsure whom to contact, then contact your nearest social worker, who will be able to discuss your requirements with you and advise accordingly.

How will benefits/impact be measured/benchmarked?

Our website will incorporate a Customer Relationship management system.  PI will regularly survey and consult it’s membership regarding satisfaction with services and their suggestions for improvement.  Subscribers and other stakeholders will be invited to register so that their views can also be sought.

Will PI check that practitioners are registered with a recognised professional body?

PI will check that applicants who join the network are registered with one of the following: the Health and Care Professions Council, the Scottish Social Services Council, the Care Council for Wales and the Northern Ireland Social Care Council registered.  These bodies register a range of health and care professionals, including arts therapists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists and dietitians.  All these practitioners regularly work together, understand each other’s roles and referral procedures.

PI is particularly keen to attract members who either have a military connection (either as a relative or directly through service) or an interest in learning about the impact of military life on individuals and families.

Will this be a directory of independent practitioners only?

PI hopes to attract both independent practitioners as well as public sector employees who can function as Armed Forces Covenant ambassadors within their local authority or NHS setting.

How will PI be financed?

Originally self funded, PI subsequently received a small grant from Lloyds bank, as part of Nigel’s SSE training award. This grant was primarily used to finance the micro-site, marketing materials and for carrying out market research. The directors have been working unwaged on the project since its inception. Membership fees will ultimately enable PI to be self-sustainable.  Registration will initially be free until PI is nationally recognised, and practitioners are undertaking sessional work with families. At this point healthcare professionals will pay an annual fee (set via consultation with the membership) to Purple Initiative) who will be able to maintain the business and provide ongoing training and support for this specialist role. Military charities such as Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion have expressed an interest in assisting with supporting our services and using PI when launched. PI also hopes to establish a treatment fund, that will cover the costs of the work undertaken by the professionals.

You will be dealing with service and ex-service families. What about security of the website?

PI has obtained appropriate guidance on precisely this matter from the Information Commissioners Office. PI is working towards full GDPR compliance.

How can I find out more about PI?

Contact either Nigel or June via their mobile number or email address.

Specialist Support for Service and ex-Service Families